Training Methods

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Some of the organizations that have trained their staff at Dti;

At Dti, we use a strategic practical training approach to re-enforce adult learning principles and cross-group experiences and participation. Each course is based on a series of practical exercises. In line with the adult learning principles, maximum use is made of syndicate exercises, case studies, field trips, role-playing, management games, and plenary sessions; training videos and video playbacks, as well as action-planning.

Participants are encouraged to be directly involved in analyzing and solving simulated managerial problems. In addition, the integral aspects of each course encourage participants to develop written action plans, which commit them to solving a work-related problem on return to their duty stations.

This process develops a high level of confidence and skills to deal with actual problems in their own workplace.
The number of participants in all areas is kept to a level that ensures maximum involvement by each course member and allows a lot of discussion with other participants and facilitators.

We know that your staff are the foundation of your success. To invest in their development is to invest in your future.

Our programmes ensure that:

  • Training is directly relevant to participants’ needs and through development and implementation of action plans, we will assist them make positive organizational impact.
  • Personal training needs are identified before the start of each programme, and our detailed plans are adapted to take these into account.
  • Programmes include new management skills and innovative approaches to delivering services.
  • Guest speakers or training consultants have genuine experience, either as senior officials within public organizations or as consultants.