What does the tuition fees comprise?

The tuition fees quoted for the various duration’s of our courses cover consultant’s placement costs, programme design, logistics and other pedagogic support. The tuition fees do not include accommodation and meals.

Does the institution provide accommodation for delegates?

The institution has closely supervised accommodation services provided by competent guest house operators in Mbabane. La Palm Guest House, and B&M Guest House at Mona Court in Mbabane offer delegates a cosy and unparalleled service at highly- managed low budget. Please ensure you book your place early. Contact the institution for details.

How much is the cost of accommodation in Mbabane?

Accommodation costs are averaged around US$30 – US$40 per person per day. This includes bed and breakfast. Supper could be provided at an extra cost. If you are staying longer, you may negotiate for discounts.

I am worried about security, what security measures are in place in Mbabane to guarantee the safety of participants?

The city of Mbabane is fairly safe. The city also boasts of the lowest crime rate in the country. We have never, in the past six years of our operation, encountered any incident affecting our international delegates.

How do I book for accommodation in Mbabane?

To secure accommodation during your stay in Mbabane, please contact the institution for booking and confirmation.
What is the distance between Manzini airport from the training centre in Mbabane, how do I get there from the airport, and what is the charge?
Manzini Airport is only 36kms from Mbabane, where the training centre is. We provide free transport for our delegates. Upon receiving your travel details, our welfare officer will always be at the airport to receive you. We do not charge you for this service.

Can I pay my tuition fees in any other currency apart from US Dollars?

Yes. Tuition fees can be paid in Euros, South African Rands or the Pound Sterling, at the US Dollar tuition equivalent.

Is there medical insurance cover for participants?

Participants are advised to purchase their own medical health insurance cover from their local travel agent, where they will be buying their air ticket. You could also budget for doctor’s consultation and medication whilst in Swaziland.

It is a fact that there are numerous brief-case training institutions in Swaziland. How different are you from these brief-case training institutions?

Over the past years, Dti has proven to be most reliable, honest, and consistent in its training delivery to its numerous clients in Africa. We continue to do this based in the belief of our mission. In testament to this fact, we currently hold about 75% of the Gross Market Share of Developing capacities in Swaziland.

I understand you offer brand new Laptop computers to all participants. How is that possible?

In line with our capacity development efforts, all delegates, irrespective of course attendance, will each be given a brand new Laptop computer upon completion of their course. This is true, and we have consistently honoured our promise.

Can I claim cash instead of a Laptop Computer?

If you are attending for the second time, you may qualify for a cash refund on the Laptop.