How do I apply for a course on any programme?

What is the average number of delegates who attend courses in a month at your institution?
Our average numbers in attendance has consistently averaged 20 – 35 delegates per month, with a minimum of six participants per course.
Where are your consultants, trainers and facilitators from?
Dti has a roster of well-seasoned and experienced consultants, who are renowned advocates in their disciplines. They are drawn from universities, international consultants data base, and motivated freelancers.
Are there any entry requirements before one can attend any of your courses?
You need to be working in a Government agency, ministry, NGO, or an organization in a relevant capacity, and be fairly fluent in written and spoken English.

Are there internet and pay phone facilities for course participants to use?
Yes. The institute provides internet and pay phone card services for delegates.

How do I obtain visa to attend your courses in Swaziland?
Some SADC member countries do not need visa to travel to Swaziland. If you think you need a visa, check with the Swaziland High Commission in your country or contact the institution for guidance and procedures for obtaining Swaziland entry visa.

Do you offer custom training courses in any specialized area for individuals or groups?
Yes, we do offer off calendar courses for special needs to anyone who needs such a course. We also offer in-house and outreach training programmes for institutions in their home countries at a well-managed budget to accommodate large attendances.

Can I change courses whilst in Swaziland?
Yes, you may do so; but we will need an approval from your organization or sponsoring agency.

Can I shorten my course and leave before the scheduled end-date of the course?
Yes. We, however, need written permission from your organization, explaining why you need to shorten your duration. If you have to do so, due to ill- health, we shall communicate this to your organization, and allow you to depart earlier.

What is the cost of air ticket from my country to Swaziland?
The cost of air ticket from various countries to Swaziland varies. Please check with any travel agent in the capital city of your country for a quote.

When is the deadline for course registration in your institution?
There are no registration deadlines. We, however, advise that early registration facilitates early preparations. Last- minute registration sometimes exerts extra stress and strain in arranging logistics and other preparations to enable you to attend.

Does the institution provide transport services for participants internally, e.g. from their place of accommodation to the training centre?
Yes. Our welfare officers are always available to provide transport services to and from the training centre daily.

Is it possible to send us pictures of your institution?
Yes. We can send you pictures of our institution, which depict our 12 state-of-the- art training rooms for your verification.

What happens if I arrive about three or four days late for the course? Do I get a cash refund?
If you are late for a course, we shall arrange extra hours to cover the lost lessons. This may include Saturdays to enable you to catch up with your other colleagues. We do not offer cash refunds for lost days.

Can I attend the course at your institution whilst my sponsor makes arrangements to transfer the funds a week or two after the commencement of the course?
Yes. However, we will need a written confirmation from your organization or sponsor to this effect, especially if your organization is new to us.

What happens if I decide not to come for the course and my fees have been transferred to your account?
We do not refund tuition fees. If you are not able to attend, we shall require a substitute candidate from your organization to attend. But please, do note that this may only be considered in special situations.

What certification do you give at the end of the course?
Upon successful completion of your programme, a certificate of participation will be issued, bearing your course title.

What are the qualifications of your facilitators and consultants?

All our consultants have second or third degrees, and extensive experience in their areas of expertise.

If I have to cut my course short due to unforeseen circumstances back home, do I get a cash refund or can I return to continue the course at another scheduled date?

As indicated earlier, there is no cash refund. You may have to come back at another time, or complete the programme by our special distance-learning methodology.

You organize excursion trips to the Republic of South Africa or Mozambique. Who pays for the transportation cost and overnight accommodation charges?
The cost of transporting delegates on excursions to South Africa or Mozambique is free to all participating delegates. However, overnight hotel costs, meals, shopping and other incidental expenses are at the cost of the participants.

I cannot access the full course details from the website. What should I do?
For corporate strategic reasons, and privacy, we do not display detailed course descriptions and contents on our websites. As you may know, they may be copied by some unethical brief-case, and virtually none-existent so-called training institutions. We acknowledge that this delays your immediate decision, but for that reason, we advise that you contact us by completing the online application form, or e-mail us. We shall respond within the next 30 minutes with all the relevant information.

Do you normally send the original documents of admission and course details to participants by DHL?
Yes. If you need the originals by DHL or any special courier, we do that to enable you to receive them swiftly and on time.

How is the weather conditions in Swaziland?
Swaziland is generally warm in summer, but quite cold in winter. However, sometimes summer days can be as cold. We advise that you come with one or two warm clothing to mitigate our fluctuating weather conditions.

Is it possible for participants to suggest topics of interest to be included in the programme other than those originally provided?
Yes, this is possible. However, the amendments should not cause a significant deviation from the intended course. E.g. a course on HIV and AIDS cannot include topics on Public Transport Systems.

Do you provide tea or lunch at your institution?

There are tea breaks in between lessons, where participants can have a cup of coffee or other beverage, sandwiches, biscuits, mineral water etc, throughout the week. This is provided free of charge.

Is it possible for participants to suggest dates that would suit them other than those scheduled on the calendar?

If the advertised dates do not suit your regular schedule, we accommodate your suggested date, and we shall then consider your application as a special tailor- made arrangement. In most instances, the tuition fees remain unchanged.

I have tried to submit my application online, but there has been some technical problems, which resulted in the message failing to go through. What can I do?
This is highly unusual as we have recently upgraded to better and faster servers but incase of any difficulties with applying through the website, drop us an e-mail, or send your request by fax or call in for a quick response.

What is the best mode of payment that can be used when transferring fees?
The best mode is by wire or telegraphic transfer. Payments can also be made by means of Bankers Draft, Travellers Cheques or Cash.

Can the tuition fees for the course be transferred with my allowances, and can I claim when I arrive?
Yes, you may combine both the tuition fees and your accommodation and feeding allowances in one single transfer. Upon receipt of the credit, a refund will be processed for you.

Do I need to attach my CV when submitting my application?
No C.V. is required, but you may if you wish.

After I have paid my tuition fees through the bank, how do I get my receipt for onward remittance to my employer for record purposes?
Delegates or participants are all provided with receipts, bearing the amount of fees received at the end of the course.

Do you have branches in other countries or is it something you are considering in the near future?
Yes. We network with sister institutions in Ghana – West Africa. A pragmatic project is currently being evaluated in Canada on a much global scale to compliment Dti’s mandate in Africa.