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Development Training International (Dti) is a regional organization within SADC and headquartered in the Kingdom of Swaziland. As a full member of SADC, Swaziland holds the protocol as the destination of training for all member states within the region, and this perfectly places our institution as the base for absorbing delegates within the block. By this recognition and acceptance, many ministries, whose list is included in their brief, have unequivocally destined almost all their training requirements to Dti over the past years. Since then, our impact within the SADC region has widened to include development training programmes across Africa and beyond. Our challenge in this millennium is to be part of the premier training frontier for the delivery of customized and effective training methodologies for the region and the continent. Dti training policies are guided by both national and international training policy standards.

Training Methods

At Dti, we use a strategic practical training approach to re-enforce adult learning principles and cross group experiences and participation. Each course is based on a series of practical exercises. In line with the adult learning principles, maximum use is made of syndicate exercises, case studies, field trips, role playing, management games, and plenary sessions; training videos and video playbacks, as well as action-planning. Participants are encouraged to be directly involved in analysing and solving simulated managerial problems. In addition, the integral aspects of each course encourage participants to develop written action plans, which commit them to solving a workrelated problem on return to their duty stations.This process develops a high level of confidence and skills to deal with actual problems in their own workplace. Our programmes ensure that:

  • Training is directly relevant to participants’ needs and through development and implementation of action plans, we will assist them make positive organizational impact.

  • Personal training needs are identified before the start of each programme, and our detailed plans are adapted to take these into account.
  • Programmes include new management skills and innovative approaches to delivering services.

Core Training Areas of Dti


Arising from the need for our high quality and relevant training products, our institution has adopted the following core training areas above.


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Our accommodation partner Global Village Guest House Midrand has the beauty, style, elegance and and artistic decor to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Upcoming Courses January – March 2019

  • Fraudulent practices has become an unsurmountable problem in the corporate arena, resulting in financial and material losses in an unimaginable proportions.  This has been the case due to the complexities and technical intelligence perpetrated by fraudsters.  This leaves investors who entrust custodianships of their hard earned financial products in doubt.  This menace has to stop.  It can only be achieved if corporate organizations set themselves to create and develop means and ways of detecting and preventing corporate fraud before the situation gets out of hand.

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  • The effective use and deployment of donor funds for various projects demands careful utilization and timely reporting mechanisms to the funders.  It is only when funds are effectively managed in accordance with the donors requirements will there be the motivation for re-imbursement of financial resources. Unfortunately, many NGO’s, and development agencies are caught up with inadequate management of donor financed projects and reporting mechanisms.

    This course is designed to promote improved compliance with operational policies and donor agency procedures on effective financial management, and to empower participants on the use of various disbursement methods and the use of periodic project management reports (PMRs) in line with donor agency disbursement and requisition requirement.

    Also participants will explore other core competencies and skill based areas such as, planning, budgeting, financial and management accounting, auditing, accountability and transparency in the management of funds, procurement, and financial project monitoring systems.

    The course reflects and expands on current accepted approaches to projects monitoring and evaluation, highlighting the areas where good planning can help alleviate many problems often experienced during the Monitoring and Evaluating process.

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  • The aim of this course is to help the Participant develop an HRIS (Human Resource Information System) system. This is an integrated system of hardware, software, and databases designed to provide information used in HR decision making. The Participant will also be able to perform administrative, strategic HR and operational HR functions efficiently by employing a Computerized HR Management System. 

    This course will equip the Participant with the knowledge, skills and ability (KSA) needed in today’s Knowledge Economy to shift from administrative to strategic, facilitative, consultative and developmental HR activities. The aim is to help improve your organizations HR operation efficiently and effectively in support of its Vision, Mission and strategic objectives. The course will provide data-base knowledge and skills needed to manipulate and manage data accurately using the computerized HRIS system.

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